“How cool is it to almost be able to grab the moon, touch the sun and see all the details so close? The solAR-app really amazes the students, because the solar system is just floating in between them or even above their table. The solAR-app gives the teacher the opportunity to bring our solar-system to life!”

Frank Overkleeft

The teacher can show the solar system in front of the class, while (parts of) our solar system float(s) above or in between the students. Students can use the app on their own iPads as well! It helps them to see the earth in perspective, compared to the sun, the moon and the other planets. They can zoom-in to see the earth’s tilted axis, that causes the seasons. The student can tap the binoculars-button to see more information about the different planets that are displayed.

What does this app offer in concrete terms?
This app can bring our earth, moon, all the important planets and stars, our sun and our complete solar system right into the classroom! You can use the AR animations during a classical explanation, or just let the students use the app to investigate their planet and the rest of the solar system!

Lesson example

In this example, the students had to explain why there are four seasons and what factors are responsible for the different seasons. They were able to find the answers to that question by investigating the earth’s tilted axis and its rotation around the sun.
In another example, the teacher can show the students why the shape of the moon changes every night and day. The students can see the earth and the moon floating above them on the screen, like they can actually touch it.
The information given about the different planets, moons and stars is explained in such a way that the students can understand it perfectly.