“AR App suitable for scientific subjects. A useful tool for middle or high school teachers and students. Ideal for learning about at the same time fascinating and technical topic like molecules and atoms.”

Roberto Fantini

MoleculAR is a very cheap app simple and intuitive to use. It is an amazing tool to discover the infinitely small world of atoms and molecules. It is designed for high school or college students taking chemistry courses.

What does this app offer me in concrete terms?

It allows to understand of what atoms and molecules are made and their three dimensional shape using Augmented Reality that helps students to make connections from the abstract to the real world. The app allows to show organic and inorganic molecular structures using sticks like bonds and colored balls like atoms.
You can show many different kind of substances like, for example, salt, sugar, caffeine or methan and interact with them, enlarging or rotating in every direction. It is also very easy to take a picture with a hydrochloric acid in your hand or with a sugar molecule near a cup of coffee.
All these things will happen all around you, in your own environment.
Are you ready to learn chemistry in this new funny way?

Lesson example

In a science lesson, the app MoleculAR opens up completely new possibilities to learn how the matter is made.
The student is protagonist of a full immersion experience among atoms and molecules, starting from the simplest ones like water or salt, to the most complicated ones like caffeine or sugar. He can associate the three dimensional shape of a substance like methan CH4 to the virtual object gas-tank presents in the library of the app or caffeine to a hot cup of coffee to achieve a significant learning.
During the lesson, the teacher can suggest the students to investigate different substances starting from a real object like a honeypot towards the molecules inside it like sugar or water and, finally, towards every single atom with its nucleus and electrons and their position in the periodic table.
In addition MoleculAR offers the opportunity to make selfie with three dimensional molecules to document the research.
The assessment could be a test about the contents of the app or a more creative keynote presentation with images or selfie explained with vocal comments.



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