“AR App suitable for scientific subjects. A useful tool for middle or high school teachers. Ideal for learning about a at the same time fascinating and technical topic like the birth and the evolution of the Universe.”

Roberto Fantini

Big Bang AR is a free app simple and intuitive to use. It is an amazing travel through the birth and the evolution of the Universe to discover how time, space and matter began.

What does this app offer me in concrete terms?

It is a realistic full immersion experience in Augmented Reality in the heart of the Universe. You will go to the beginning of time 13.8 billions years ago when everything began. You will see the whole Universe forming in the palm of your hand in a firework of energy and particles, and the stars shining all around you.
After nine billion years, will appear our solar system and the Earth, the planet we call home. In the meanwhile, you will see exploding supernovas and forming new nebulas and planets. All these things will happen all around you, in your own environment. Are you ready to leave?

Lesson example

In a science lesson, the app Big Bang AR opens up completely new possibilities to learn how everything around us began. The student is protagonist of a full immersion experience among particles, atoms, planets and different kind of stars and can interact with them moving iPad or touching the images. In this way some new information appears, increasing knowledge. In order to provide access to the topic for students who were not yet fully aware of the underlying scientific concepts, the narrator’s voice guides every student moment by moment, focusing on the most important thing.
During the lesson, the teacher can suggest the students to tap the Read More button to deepen content or to move the iPad to see what happens all around. In addition, Big Bang AR offers a great opportunity to make a selfie of our image among stars or to take a picture of the Earth and Moon in our hand to keep a very special memory of this fantastic journey. The assessment could be a test about the contents of the app or a more creative keynote presentation with images or selfie explained with vocal comments.